Symphony Park: More building coming, says city

Symphony Park: More building coming, says city

December 10, 2021

Symphony Park

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LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — At Symphony Park, a lot has happened here in eight months.

When we were here in April, construction was continuing.

Now, here in December, the work is done on two major tenants: two residential complexes that house hundreds of people.

Briana White is one of them. She moved into Auric, from Phoenix, about a week ago. She chose downtown Las Vegas as her home.

“I really wanted something that was walking distance from excitement if I wanted that but I also wanted something that felt nice and serene when I was home,” White told me.

And so home is now this upscale apartment complex, with rents ranging from $1,764 to $3,099 a month, according to Auric’s website.

It's part of the growing neighborhood in this 61 acres, anchored by the Smith Center for the Performing Arts, and the Cleveland Clinic.

Across the street sits the World Market Center, with its newly-opened convention complex.

In the early 2000s this was all empty land, which the City of Las Vegas touted as a sparkplug for downtown redevelopment. Now, a city map indicates just a few parcels are still available. All of it is in Cedric Crear's city council district.

“It's all coming together,” says Crear.

Other things coming together at Symphony Park include an upscale AC Marriot hotel, Crear tells me, which will go in the parking lot in front of the Children’s Museum.

“I just had a phone call with the Marriot people and they're continuing to build, which is great, especially coming out of the recession,” says Crear.

Construction, he says, begins sometime in early 2022; 400 rooms - double the normal AC Marriot footprint.

“But considering where they're going with the World Market Center, with the Smith Center and other things around there, they're gonna build more rooms there and I think they're gonna be very successful,” Crear says.

Next to Auric, its developer, Southern Land Company, plans to break ground this spring on a 5 story residential building. Next summer, Southern Land plans to start work on a residential high rise.

If all stays on schedule, it will be a busy neighborhood.