Westside Workforce Center

Historic Westside sign

Westside Workforce Center

Building the "Future Workforce"

Cedric's tireless advocacy led to the acquisition of $11 million for the Westside’s first-of-its-kind advanced skills training center. The Westside Workforce Center will serve as the catalyst for training the Future Workforce in advanced manufacturing and other lucrative careers. These great jobs will allow residents, who have faced the most dire circumstances in their lives due to Covid, to reemerge with the opportunity to truly live the American Dream.

Phase One of our workforce initiatives have already begun with the opening of the Strong Future Technology Center, powered by the Cox Innovation Lab, which is training community members for high-paying positions in the technology sector.

The Westside Workforce Center and Strong Future Technology Center are just the start of Cedric's comprehensive plan to diversify and strengthen Las Vegas’ economy. This has been an aspiration of the City Council ever since the 1980’s, but now it's really happening. Cedric will not rest until the ultimate goal is achieved -- and Las Vegas takes its rightful place as America’s greatest city in which to live and raise a family.