New health clinic opening in downtown Las Vegas to serve the most vulnerable

New health clinic opening in downtown Las Vegas to serve the most vulnerable

August 1, 2023

"I have been working on this since the first day I walked into office. Our new Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) will offer medical care to our citizens most in need, our homeless population and is located right at the Courtyard Homeless Resource Center. The Recuperative Care Center, The Courtyard, 5 additional MORE Teams on the streets and now The FQHC all round out the plan I have been working on the last 5 years to mitigate homelessness. Watch out for our second FQHC in the Historic Westside on Jackson and D."

- Cedric Crear

8 News Now
by Brian Will

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The new Las Vegas Health and Wellness Clinic is the latest addition to the Courtyard Homeless Resource Center in downtown Las Vegas.

The nearly $12 million clinic will serve the most vulnerable population like unhoused people by providing primary medical care, medication dispensing, behavioral health services, testing, and adult immunizations. It’s part of the $25 million that the city is using to mitigate homelessness downtown.

The Courtyard Center project started in 2017. Phase 1 was to get a housing facility up and running, phase 2 was an administration building and now phase 3 is this 8,500 square foot Federally Qualified Health Care Center.

The center will be operated by the Nevada Health Services. It will open on Monday, Aug. 14. The hours will be Monday – Friday 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. with reduced hours on every second Saturday of the month.

It’s part of the first low-barrier shelter in the region which means anyone can enter and have a safe place to stay.

Two additional Health and Wellness Centers are currently in the early stages of development by the City of Las Vegas. They will be located on the Historic Westside and East Las Vegas.