Known for rich history, Las Vegas plans to revitalize Historic Westside

Known for rich history, Las Vegas plans to revitalize Historic Westside

February 24, 2023

Cedric speaks to Fox 5 Vegas about the Historic Westside project

Fox 5 Vegas

By Regina Ahn

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) - The Historic Westside, a community that was founded in 1905 and more commonly referred to as “west of the railroad tracks.”

Councilman Cedric Crear talks about the history, “they decided to say black people could not live in the downtown corridor only west of the railroad tracks we could only live here shop here only restaurants here before 1960 the desegregation of the Strip.”

The rich history in the Historic Westside district is where The Moulin Rouge hotel was created.

The first hotel in 1955 opened the door to anyone of any color and black artists were not allowed to stay “east of the railroad tracks.”

“Sammy Davis Jr., Pearl Bailey, Harry Belafonte, and many others have come to stay at the hotels here but they would also stay at rooming houses,” said Crear.

Crear was born and raised here, still living in the house he grew up in, he says he’s happy to see the progress the area is seeing.

That’s what we’re seeing, a revitalization.

The new plan in action is called the “100 Plan” and one major role of this plan is upgrading the well-known street Jackson Avenue.

“What’s taking place is a 7 million dollar completion street program if you see Jackson Avenue now the street is too wide, the sidewalks too small care more for cars than you do for people,” said Crear.

The “100 Plan” or the historic urban neighborhood design redevelopment will target eight moves.

Washington Avenue will become a “live” avenue an African American music experience with live music venues and restaurants…

James Gay Park will be updated to have hydroponic gardens and trails.

Crear says it’s important to know and learn our history.

“We need to know our timeline our trailblazers of our past if you don’t know where you came from you don’t know where you’re going there are so many people that’s done so much now we have to move it forward.”

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