Allegiant Travel Company Donates More Than $400,000 Worth Of Aircraft Parts To Rancho High School's Aviation Magnet Program

Allegiant Travel Company Donates More Than $400,000 Worth Of Aircraft Parts To Rancho High School's Aviation Magnet Program

February 8, 2019

LAS VEGAS, Feb. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Allegiant Travel Company (NASDAQ: ALGT) donated aircraft parts valued at more than $400,000 to Rancho High School as part of the airline's continued support of the school's aviation magnet program.

The Las Vegas-based airline donated 11 pallets holding thousands of pounds of aircraft parts, including landing gear, an engine thrust reverser, radar antennae and other hydraulic and avionics components. The items will be used by Rancho aviation and aircraft maintenance instructors to teach students real-world job skills.

"Learning how to work with aircraft parts from a commercial airline will give students the kind of expertise that will make them competitive in the aviation industry, especially in the maintenance engineering field," said Allegiant Vice President of Maintenance Christian Toro.

The aviation program at Rancho High School is the only one in the Clark County School District (CCSD) and one of only a few high school aviation programs in the United States. The program offers two dynamic and unique tracks for students interested in aviation and aerospace.

Last year, Allegiant partnered with Rancho High School to promote and support youth who plan to study aviation as a career. Over the next 20 years, thousands of additional aircraft will take to the skies, creating a global demand for more aviation professionals, including maintenance technicians.  

"Our goal is to inspire kids to pursue careers as aircraft pilots, maintenance technicians, flight attendants and the dozens of other fields that support aviation," said Allegiant's Director of Corporate Communications, Hilarie Grey. "It makes sense that Las Vegas' hometown airline supports the hometown aviation high school."

In addition to the parts donation, Allegiant is supporting students in Rancho's aviation magnet program by awarding in 2019 two $5,000 scholarships to seniors who pursue post-secondary education in an accredited aviation program.

"Our students will benefit from the partnership we have established with Allegiant," said the school's principal James Kuzma. "These aircraft parts will give them experience they can easily transfer to the job market."

"Las Vegas is a city of outstanding community partners and it's exciting to see Allegiant Air working with our students at Rancho High School in Ward 5," Councilman Cedric Crear said. "Rancho features a state-of the-art aviation lab teaching students the fundamentals of flight, space travel and rocketry, and the program can only grow with help from our community."

The City of Las Vegas transportation department helped facilitate Allegiant's donation by delivering the parts from the airline's warehouse at McCarran International Airport to Rancho High School.

"I want to thank Allegiant Air for its donation to the Rancho Aviation Magnet Program," said Councilman Steven G. Seroka, a retired U.S. Air Force colonel and former fighter pilot. "With this donation the young students at Rancho will be able to continue working toward a rewarding career in aviation. The coordination between our city departments and Allegiant for the transportation of these aircraft parts is a testament to the collaborative community we've built in the valley."


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