Cedric Crear has the proven experience - and vision – to uplift and protect Ward 5. His devotion to our neighborhoods and families has earned Cedric the respect of voters first as a University Regent and now as our City Councilman in Ward 5. Cedric brings energy and activism to City Hall every day to improve lives in Ward 5.

Safe and Sound

A champion for fiscal accountability and public safety, Cedric has received praise for cutting waste while also providing law enforcement with enhanced tools and personnel to keep our children safe. At the same time, we need leaders like Cedric Crear who will hold police accountable and demand unwavering respect for the rights of citizens. Cedric has made Ward 5 safer for all its residents and public safety will always be his highest priority.


Public safety and sound budgeting will always be the top priorities. But, there's so much more City Hall can offer the residents of Ward 5. Cedric brings the voice of an experienced educator to the City's efforts to bolster K-12 and Early Childhood programs, combined with enhanced after-school opportunities.

These programs have proven successful nationwide and help challenged communities keep up with more affluent suburbs. More importantly, we must provide activities that serve to keep our kids actively and constructively engaged – and off the streets.

Reinvesting in the Community, Creating Good Jobs

Cedric's community revitalization plan will bring lasting economic diversity to Ward 5. By using his business startup experience, Cedric is recruiting new companies to the ward. Then, Cedric connects these employers with Ward 5 job seekers via workforce development and training sessions.

At City Hall, Cedric works hand-in-hand with new companies to help sustain them through relocation and early operations. Finally, Cedric will establish a City Initiative to guarantee preferences for companies that choose Las Vegas as their home. The ultimate goal of Cedric's economic development plan is the creation of thousands of well-paying, sustainable jobs for Ward 5.

Protecting Neighborhoods

Ward 5 is made up of a diverse array of neighborhoods and planned developments. Cedric Crear has the proven leadership and long-standing relationships to ensure our ward doesn't get left behind in building and enhancing infrastructure. Never again will Ward 5 be an afterthought in Las Vegas' comprehensive plan to build and maintain our roadways, develop our park system and upgrade our water works.

Deep Roots, Shared Values

Cedric Crear has called Ward 5 home his entire life. His parents were among the Community's earliest civic leaders and they taught Cedric about the responsibility to give back. Cedric Crear and the people of Ward 5 share the common values of hard work, loyalty, honesty, community pride and hope for the future. Cedric takes these core values to heart in protecting Ward 5's unique quality of life.